Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation


Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation 中醫藥諮詢


Four ways of diagnosis

Look, Listen/Smell, Question and Take the pulse

The poem of ten examine questions

Firstly inquire for cold or heat while secondly inquire for sweating.

Thirdly for the head and body while fourthly ask for urine and stool. (excreta)

Fifthly ask for appetite/diet while sixthly ask for chest.

Seventhly inquire for hearing/ deafness.

Eighthly ask for polydipsia should to be identified.

Ninthly for the history of chronic illness and tenthly for the cause of disease.

Then dispense herbal medicine and observe for further chance variation.

Inquire the menstrual period for female patients in particular and the late menses, early menses, amenorrhea or bleeding all should be known.

Lastly some questions more about the pediatrics, the smallpox and measles will be diagnosed.







Presenting Chief Complaint (P/C)

目前症狀 Presenting Symptoms & Signs (S/S)

寒熱發汗 Hot/Cold/Sweat

頭 身 Head/Body

胸 腹 Chest/Abdomen

耳 目 Ears/Eyes

鼻 喉 Throat/Nose

二 便 Bowels/Urine

食 慾 Appetite

口 渴 Thirst

睡 眠 Sleep

外 觀 Complexions/Skin

婦 科 Gynecopathy

兒 科 Pediatrics

舌 診 Tongue/Body/Coat

脈 診 Pulse Diagnosis

主方處方 TCM Prescription (RX)

中醫診斷 TCM Diagnosis (DX)

治療原則 Treatment Principle (TX)

治療方式 Treatment Method